I'm told this is where I tell you how FABULOUS I am. I'm not one of those boasting types so I'll let the fact that I have been a top REALTOR® for over 33 Years say what it does. While our business is easy for people to get into, it is hard to succeed in. The top 10% do 70% of the business.

I've come by real estate pretty honestly though. You could say it is in my blood. My father was a successful builder, developer & business man from an early age.

When my parents divorced, I was only 10 years old, and by the age of 13, I didn't believe we lived in the right home, so I secretly helped my Mom's friend, a local REALTOR®, find the home of our dreams. I'd ride my bike around in the RIGHT NEIGHBOURHOODS, noting the For Sale signs, I'd call the Agents pretending to be an adult, get all the pertinent details, chart them, and then call my Mom's friend to set up the showings. We found the perfect DREAM HOME with stunning views within a couple of months. If I had my driver's license, it would've been sooner !!! My Mom couldn't believe she virtually bought one of the biggest investments in her life from a 13 year old. I studied to be an Optometrist, but Real Estate was meant to be.

My LOVE of Vancouver and the West Coast has really helped to make this the only career for me. The best part is getting to make the buying & selling process FUN FOR CLIENTS! Honestly, it is fun for me too, and I'm told all the time that's why clients work with me over and over again. It is also why most of my new clients are referrals of friends and family of my past clients. If you can make the process FUN as possible and take away the unnecessary stress, it becomes the wonderful experience it should be!!!

I'm supposed to tell you that I am a highly respected Top REALTOR® in Greater Vancouver. Have been in the top 10% of Greater Vancouver Realtors since the start of my career. Regularly the top agent in my office and at one point within the top 5 Agents for Coldwell Banker Canada. I have helped clients buy and sell 1000's of homes in my career. What gets lost in those stats is how often I am helping my clients succeed in capturing opportunities that less experienced agents missed for their clients.

It's great to have FUN during the process. But my client's success in both buying and selling comes from my passion, hard work, dedication and market knowledge.

My constant investment in leveraging technology and the most effective marketing strategy and tools ensure my sellers achieve the best possible results.

The real estate market is ever changing and evolving. It is an industry where experience and relationships fined tuned over 33+ years makes a difference in my client's pocket books and all while making their dreams come true.

I would love to chat with you about your PLANS and DREAMS.

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